Lake Temagami Ice Fishing Bungalows & Huts

Lake Temagami is located approximately one hour north of North Bay Ontario.  The lake offers a very diverse Ice Fishing experience.  The lake is very large, with countless bays, sunken island, shoals and humps to explore.  The winter fishery includes Lake Trout, Whitefish, Cisco (lake herring), Walleye/Pickeral, Burbot/Ling Cod and Pike.  The main access road is found on the east side of the lake.  Lake Temagami Access road is the most common access point.

You need these highly versatile Jigs for a trip to Temagami area

If planning an Ice Fishing trip to lake Temagami, check out the ice hut and bungalow operators listed below.

Tamar Vacations

Located in the southern arm of Lake Temagami, Tamar Island is one of the most secluded ice fishing destinations on the lake.  Ice bungalows are available, as well as day use ice huts.  Several cabins are also available on the island as well. 

Ket-Chun-Eny Lodge

Located on the northern tip of the east arm of Lake Temagami, Ket-Chun-Eny Lodge is pleased to offer some of the best ice fishing on lake Temagami.

Loon Lodge

Loon Lodge is the perfect way to enjoy the experience of Lake Temagami and Loon Magic. We are open all year long, offering all our special guests accommodations that are modern and clean with cozy rooms

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